Friday, July 24, 2015

This Summer Harvest

Ock Hee's Gallery
in Honeoye Falls, New York
"Summer Harvest "-  July 25 to August 29, 2015

Several weeks ago I wrote about the sixth day of the sixth month, and Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 6 X 6 exhibition which has come to an end - but not before they were able to let people buy more than 2500 works of art for just $20. per work!  I can't think of another gallery that has had such support and success as they proved with this event.  A terrific fundraiser, this has become a yearly attraction that artists support, because they get to show their work, but more importantly there is a connection established between the community and an arts organization dedicated to visual art.

Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 6 X 6 exhibition

Thank you to all the volunteers that make this happen and to Gallery Director, Bleu Cease for his clear vision and energy!

Ock Hee's Gallery, "Summer Harvest"
Dennis Burns, Patricia Wilder, Kurt Feuerherm, Arthur Singer, and Alan Singer

This week I had the pleasure of hanging a group show that will open soon, at Ock Hee's Gallery in Honeoye Falls, New York, and we call the show "Summer Harvest".  Ock Hee has a deep and real interest in the visual arts, as well as the world of gardening and garden design.  At the end of the year she will close her art gallery and she will begin a new chapter, but in the meantime she is putting together some very interesting shows.

Dennis Burns has wonderful ink and brush paintings that focus on nature, whether it is a pair of cicadas or the cherry blossoms on a tree branch.  There is an interesting progression in the works presented by all the artists and you may be able to see this as a conversation between the artworks presented to the viewer.  It might be a relationship that starts with a color, or it might be a relationship that is shared by the quality of a line or the "arabesque".

Kurt Feuerherm  ( foreground )
Arthur Singer ( 1917-1990 ) 
at "Summer Harvest"

Kurt Feuerherm has shown his artwork widely in major museums, and here in Rochester recently at Warren Phillip's Fine Art and Framing, and The Rochester Contemporary Art Center ( in " Makers and Mentors " ).  In this present show Kurt has free standing sculptural objects that are modest in scale but big in personality and they are fun to contemplate.  Kurt's animals seem to have a youthful awkwardness like very young animals just getting used to being in the world.

Arthur Singer illustration from  "Life of the Hummingbird"

As birds and animals go, my father, Arthur Singer ( 1917-1990 ) is represented here by images he made for two or three of the books he published during his lifetime.  He spent over forty years on projects like the Golden Guide to Birds of North America, and other books like "Birds of the World" and "Life of the Hummingbird".  For "Summer Harvest" I picked out some choice images that are modest in scale but represent Arthur Singer's mastery of his subject.

Patricia Wilder has exhibited her work in depth here in Rochester, and in the surrounding area, and during this August you might find her shows of photography in places like the Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua.  Her photography is related to the color-field paintings of the mid-20th century.  Here in our show her work is all about color, and in one case about the scribbles of graffiti on a blue background.

My prints and paintings often are oriented towards landscape, and some are very geometric in their composition.  Some of my prints are gounded in art and mathematics, and while these two seem to be on opposite sides of the coin ( like logic and intuition ) I use both processes in my work.  I will write more about this in the coming week as I journey to Baltimore for a conference and exhibition called BRIDGES - an international affair whose focus is on Art & Mathematics.

Post Script:  By some lucky toss of the coin, we won this George Condo in a raffle at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 
show  6 X 6.  WOW!