Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Alan Singer, and Nathaniel Singer, 2016

My brother, Paul and his family, and myself and my family would love to wish all the Dads out there, a happy Father's Day!  My son, Nathaniel called from Sardinia to wish me a wonderful Father's Day and by coincidence it is also my Birthday - so I am doubly blessed.!!  What I love about this day is the quiet joy of just being alive, and being able to sit out in my backyard and paint a watercolor of some of my favorite flowers.  My wife, Anna, is sitting reading the newspaper... Birds are at the feeders and we water the lawn on this sky blue day.

My studio in the Hungerford Building, Rochester, New York

As the summer goes along we are working to be organized in the studio and ready for new things.  I made a valiant effort to clean up my act, including doing a new inventory.  This is one thing that my teachers didn't tell me about in grad school at Cornell University, and that is if you are going to be in business ( hopefully selling your art ) you have to be organized to actually get things accomplished according to the rules of business.  It is more than just supply and demand, you have to be prepared to locate certain works of art - even if they were made a few years ago... Now, WHERE ARE THEY?

Arthur B. Singer

My brother, Paul and I are also in the final stages of negotiating a contract for a book we plan to publish about my father, Arthur Singer, and his lifelong love of wildlife and the art that he made during his long and very accomplished career.  I think of my father, and how much I owe to him for his inspiration and his tenacity in the process of making his art during his lifetime.  I would like to think that we helped along the way, and in particular my father gave me a chance to work alongside of him and to learn about the kind of art he practiced every day.

In my family, everyone worked on their art.  My mother was a painter, and she also made woven fabrics, my brother Paul painted, and today is a designer, and I had fun as a kid watching all this activity and doing my drawings in Prismacolor pencils ( I still have some of my childhood drawings in our attic ).  Now that I teach art as a Professor, in the School of Art at R.I.T. I hope I can be an inspiration to others.  

So with luck, next Father's Day I will be writing about our new book, and I will let my readers know when it is available... Now I have to get back to my watercolor before the light of day fades.  Happy Father's Day everyone.!!