Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Perspective

"The Art of Deception" at Gallery r
  100 College Avenue, Rochester, NY

Artists better have a good story to tell.  It will either come from their lives, or they will make it up, but it is a story that will need to carry weight in the public mind.  It is the story that will give the art they do and the artist credibility, - and why is that so?  Because much of the art we see is diffuse and confusing, or lacks a central core of an idea, or is only a fragment of a technique that worked in the past.  There are  so many schools of thought that the artist may align with  now, in the digital age, the artworld could be viewed as an aggregation of clubs, and there is no easy way to get in touch with all of this diversity.

Don't get distracted by all the headlines of big money for art at the auctions because this might be a bubble that blows up in your face.  Artists need to make a living, so it would be easy to be drawn off course by the black magic of the market.  When I go to the galleries I look for seasoned artists who have something to offer, and then there are also those diamonds in the rough waiting to be found out there.  I am talking about exceptionally gifted people who have something to say but may not have the means to sustain it - without your support - so be active, go out and see what is out there, read widely, and stay with it!  Art is its own reward.  And you might just find something to take home for yourself!

Lanna Pejovic, painting in Spectrum Gallery
at Lumiere Photo

In this new year we have an exhibition of abstract paintings and works on paper by Lanna Pejovic which opened recently in the Spectrum Gallery at Lumiere Photo on College Avenue in Rochester.
There are no overt landscapes exhibited, but there is much to remind you of the outdoors, and the organic nature of a walk in the woods, seen through the eyes of an artist in love with color and texture. The core of this art owes a debt to Cezanne and the Impressionists, and also lesser known artists such as Georges Roualt and Nicholas De Stael.  Lanna's art is one of colorful discoveries found in patches of paint that like an earlier cubist painting creates a kind of shimmering effect.  The colors never swerve into stridency - they are well behaved, but not without moments of engaging drama.

Next door at Gallery r, there is a large group show of curious artworks with the tile of: "The Art of Deception". This conglomeration of art from faculty and students alike includes sculpture, installation, paintings, and prints as well as a glorious tableaux of glassware that is mesmerizing ( see above ) and not a little bit dangerous.  I am not so sure that the title of the show is really descriptive of the works on the wall, but it is worth seeing, and includes some strong artwork by R.I.T. students.  So Happy New Year, and on with the show!

Marisa Nowodworski
at Gallery r