Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Summer Flavors

Portrait by Alan Singer, 2019

Wash your face, then get downstairs ready for a party!  

We gather together to celebrate a new season coming, and the summer that is quickly departing...  We had a great time this July - ( our second grand-child is born! ) and then there were wonderful exhibitions I have written about on this blog including my show called: "Process & Purpose".  The shows keep coming, and we await the collective ones known as "Current Seen" opening soon on October 4th - here in Rochester. 

Todd Jokl, the new Dean of College of Art & Design on right
talks with gallery visitors at R.I.T.

Before we go any further, I want to urge all of my readers to support the arts in any way you can, and most importantly, get out the door and see the real thing!  Go to the gallery, the museum, the artist talk and don't depend solely on those little hand-held devices better known as your smart phones!

North by NUUK
Photography by Denis Defibaugh

My job as a Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology allows me to partake of shows mounted by the University Gallery, here on the campus in Booth Building 7a.  Come and see the wonderful photography of Denis Defibaugh in his show titled: "North by NUUK" Greenland after Rockwell Kent.  Rockwell Kent you will recall is an artist in the 20th century who went to Greenland to study  and paint portraits and memorable landscapes, and now Denis follows in his footsteps, but takes his camera to record this documentary.  This is not only a show but there will be a book forthcoming from RIT Press this November.

Hearty Greenlanders are the subject of 
Denis Defibaugh's documentary
North by NUUK

Denis travelled to Greenland to make this portfolio of color photos and was supported by an award from the National Science Foundation.  We see a timeless horizon, a continent of ice that has lately been in the news,  where a hearty breed of human beings do their best to support themselves and their families.  We get an inside look at their lives, and their environment.

Photo by Denis Defibaugh of Iceberg off the coast of Greenland

Fishing for a living in the waters around Greenland
Photo by Denis Defibaugh

While you are on the campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology, check out the faculty show which has also just opened.  The show is in two parts, and there is an exhibition open in the Bevier Gallery, and the Harris Gallery on the third floor of the Gannett Building ( 7b ).  In this new faculty show there are many wonderful works on view.  I found my office mate - Luvon Sheppard and his painting "Profiling" to  be very engaging, and also a very complex work by Don Arday, which has a spooky presence.  Check it out!

Painting by Luvon Sheppard

Digital art by Don Arday
at Rochester Institute of Technology
"Faculty Show"