Saturday, July 13, 2019

Mid-Summer Days

Barbara Mink
now open at  the Geisel Gallery
Rochester, New York

"Reds" by Barbara Mink

Last night at her opening for the Geisel Gallery in Rochester, New York, Barbara Mink was on hand to greet her guests who had come to view her recent paintings.  Her exhibition "High Finish" is on view thru August 24th, 2019, so you will have ample opportunity to see her recent paintings selected for her show. 

I have known Barbara for a while, having first met with her when she was presenting the interesting speakers for Ithaca's "Light in Winter" events which were like TED talks about art and science.  Barbara is also teaching at Cornell University and she maintains the Mink Gallery at her home on north Cayuga Street in lovely downtown Ithaca, New York.

Geisel Gallery now showing "High Finish"
select paintings by Barbara Mink

The Geisel Gallery is a wonderful space in the former headquarters of Bausch & Lomb, and it gives an artist the opportunity to create a focus, a visitor can really get close to look at the colors and textures of these abstract expressionist compositions.  Some paintings have explosive energy while others are much more like a collector's cabinet of discrete marks set off against light backgrounds.

Barbara Mink at her opening for "High Finish"

" High Finish" alludes to the fact that many of these new paintings are embedded in a thick layer of resin that seals the work and often unites the artwork in a unique way.  The resin is essentially colorless but gives a shimmering depth to each painting as you can see when you step in closer to look.  Sometimes her paintings look like a very colorful storm while at other times dots and shapes are much more disciplined and not nearly so charged with energy.

These mid-summer days have been busy for me, I am presenting a selection of my paintings and prints in the offices of the Edward Jones investment group and this is an opportunity to meet a whole new bunch of people who come to 706 University Avenue.  Just down the street at 500 University Avenue, in The Memorial Art Gallery my painting is on view as part of the 66th Finger Lakes Juried exhibition,  and I am happy to part of this very select group of artists!  And then there is the show I have curated called: "Process & Purpose, 2019" that will open to the public next week at the brand new RIT City Art Space in the center - the heart -  of Rochester at The Liberty Pole in the Sibley Building, 280 East Main Street.

Alan Singer's print "Re-Entry" at 
706 University Avenue, Edward Jones office ( call for information 585 271-3808 )

"Process & Purpose, 2019" is an exhibition whose focus is on contemporary printmakers and their art. There are about 30 works in this new show  which I have arranged, and each artist gets to make his or her statement.  This practice of making prints is a great way for collectors to begin to build a collection, because the artworks are often much more affordable.  In our show I look towards the future - by including younger artists who are just emerging, as well as a few time-tested professionals all of who make western New York their home.

"Dazzle Dazzle" by Sarah Kinard

Below are a sampling of some images that should be thought provoking, and attractive.  Printmakers often make editions of their artwork on paper, but the technique to do this takes time to perfect.  I like the way the prints  create a kind of a dialogue.  So our show is meant to inform and engage the eye and the mind.  Come on over and see for yourself!

"Avoid Meaningless Words" by Minna Resnick

Print by Nick Ruth, part of the show "Process & Purpose, 2019"
set to open next week at the new 
RIT City Art Space
280 East Main Street
Rochester, New York 14604