Monday, June 15, 2015


Namaste at Ock Hee's Gallery, Honeoye Falls, New York
Flower portraits by Mary Buchan

I went over to see the art on view at Ock Hee's Gallery in Honeoye Falls the other day.  This was the last day that the show "Namaste" hung on the walls and this group show had a bit of melancholy to it - this gallery will soon be history.  Ock Hee has decided that she wants to devote all of her time to her passion which is gardening.

Elyse Capell

In the meantime there are a few more shows slated for this year, and later this summer I will show a few new things there as well.  This present show ( "Namaste" ) has a group of ten women, many of them involved in the visual arts for years.  I paid attention to the flower portraits by Mary Buchan, and since I try to do this myself from time to time, I enjoyed seeing how Mary rose to the challenge!

There are some interesting paintings by Elyse Capell that have real resonance, especially if you like visiting some of the quiet ( but substantial ) streams and rocky places on your nature walks.  The rise in interest in plein air painting is just incredible.  There must be clubs that have formed all over the country - for the sole purpose of going outdoors to paint on any given weekend.  It has become a social sport.  I like working outdoors myself, but I like the solitude of finding the right time and place for my painting affairs..

Kurt Feuerherm at Warren Phillips Frame and Fine Art
at the Hungerford Building, Rochester, NY
1115 East Main Street

Back in Rochester, there is a new exhibition of paintings and prints by Kurt and Judy Feuerherm at Warren Phillips place.  My studio is just upstairs, so I don't have far to go to see this new work.  I had the opportunity to show something alongside Kurt in last year's show "Bird is the Word" at Ock Hee's Gallery, but in this present venue Kurt has only one of his little bird sculptures, but it is charming.
Surprisingly, this new exhibition is all about the city, and more to the point it is about space and architecture.

Judy Feuerherm in the new "Two For The Show"

There are prints and paintings and collage from both of these artists that engage you and get you to see things from a new perspective.  Judy Feuerherm has strength in her abstractions which are very tactile and they feature minimal descriptive elements that are mostly linear, but create tensions due to their angular disposition on the surface of her paintings.

Kurt Feuerherm