Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Shwanda Corbett
from Rochester Institute of Technology

We have a very diverse population of students at Rochester Institute of Technology and the Fine Arts Studio program is no exception.  My student Shwanda Corbett has completed her undergraduate years here and is going on to make her career, starting with graduate school  at Oxford, in Great Britain.  This week her story went out in the newspapers, so here is the link so you can read and learn about her achievements and her determination...she knows no bounds!

I teach a wide variety of courses at R.I.T. and that includes studio courses as well as a Business Practices for Fine Artists course which helps students find their way towards success in the arts.
My Digital Art / Printmaking course has been very popular, and there we work  towards an integration of the art one can make on the computer and tablet - with the ability to make mono prints and editions in the Printmaking studio.  Below is an example of one print by "Tony" Cai Hexuan and it is really a good example of taking the digital tools and making something complex and interesting as a print.

Cai Hexuan
digital transfer monoprint

In another part of the college, I teach a course in Zoological and Botanical art and students practice their skills in portraits of live birds which are brought to my classroom by the group Wild Wings.  I have been teaching this course for many years, and it is still exciting to work with the animals and plants in this branch of art that is related to science.  Before I came to teach at R.I.T. in the School of Art, I worked for publishers and my subjects were drawn from nature, just as my students are doing in the photo below.

A Kestrel poses in my class at R.I.T.