Friday, November 4, 2022

State Of Mind


Alan Singer: "Recent Artwork" with
Kevin Indovino at MuCCC
Multi-use Community Cultural Center
142 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

Back from our short trip to New York City, I am now prepared to walk into an art gallery and enter into a dialogue.  Because of the pandemic we had a long period where we did not socialize and I tried to protect myself and my loved ones as best I could.  But I missed the impact that art can have on my psyche!  I really enjoy the times when I am moved by what I see and hear!

"Who On Earth" oil on canvas
by Alan Singer

I am willing to provide some of that inspiration, and so I have mounted a small show of brand new artwork that I have created - mostly paintings made since I retired from teaching at Rochester Institute of Technology.  I was invited to join forces with the folks at MuCCC ( Multi-use Community Cultural Center ) located at 142 Atlantic Avenue in Rochester, NY.

Kevin Indovino is the gallery manager there ( as well as being a multi-dimensional player at WXXI ) and you see him at the top of the blog post helping me hang the show.  My exhibit was made with geometry in mind and bright color that I hope is pleasing this season!  Coming on Saturday, November 12th at 4pm in the afternoon I will be giving an artist's talk about the development of the work on view. Check out their website: 

As the season turns from Fall to Winter it think it is time to go out and see something that will stimulate the soul and I can recommend shows being held downtown including one at the R.I.T. City ArtSpace near the Liberty Pole in Rochester.  This show is called: "Elemental" featuring films made by the artist Ana Mendieta.  Ana Mendieta is present in the films you see projected on the gallery walls making this show quite unique.

John Aasp gallery director introduces Raquel Cecilia at
RIT City ArtSpace

I was lucky to have heard a talk given by Raquel Cecilia who is a film-maker and relative of Ana Mendieta.  Raquel is in charge of the Mendieta Estate and she is also responsible for taking great care of the films that Ana Mendieta made during her career.  I was aware of the artist Ana Mendieta during the 1970s and 1980s but recently it has been difficult to find her work and if you see these films you can begin to understand why this has happened.

Ana Mendieta ( 1948-1985 )  in "Elemental" at RIT City ArtSpace
260 East Main Street, Rochester, NY

Ana Mendieta is known for her sculpture and she would call her artwork "an experience".  Mendieta was a multi-media artist
and I would say that her artwork takes me back to a time when artists invited an audience to "a happening".  At this kind of event visual art becomes very involved with theatre and the feeling that will arouse the viewer is hard to qualify or quantify.  Ana Mendieta's art goes towards the elemental ( hence the title of the show ) and she is engaged in making dimensional art that involves her body, heart and mind.

State of the City, at RoCo

I am a member of RoCo and part of the contemporary art scene, and now they have a show that reaches out to an audience who want to know more about this city of Rochester.  Emiliano Diaz has strong architectural paintings of buildings that you might recognize, and along the long wall there is a work in progress including portrait drawings, but the things I was most moved by are the stories that accompany photos of the murals that have been going up in the city for the past decade. 

Emiliano Diaz at RoCo

Wall/Therapy is a project that has been fostered by many artists who have made  Rochester a real destination.  These images have a real impact.  Go see "State of the City" and let it stimulate you too!  I think this part of the exhibition stimulates a very valuable dialogue, and gets you to think about how visual art can play a major role in our lives; even as we walk down city streets!......

Mural by Bones and Erich Lehman expresses himself.... at RoCo