Saturday, January 27, 2024

Just To Say

Catherine Smith"Big Night at RoCo"
( SOLD )

Vitality is on view at Rochester Contemporary (RoCo) and it seems that we are lucky to have such a vibrant art community!  This annual show gives one a cause for hope in this year of political division and deadly serious world news...  Thinking of what people are capable of - not only the bad stuff, but the creative impulse,  that is what keeps me afloat.

Time to step in and see what is in store.  I know there are only a few days left to see what the members have brought forth.  I am immediately reminded of the poetry of WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS, when I read the sign from Judy Livingston about art and design.

Art & Design by Judy Livingston
( SOLD )

WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS tells us in his poem about "The Orchestra", that "birds twitter now anew

But a design surmounts their twittering.  It is a design of a man that makes them twitter.  It is a design.

And all along in this poem it is about our efforts in a creative mode that makes an exhibition like this so enjoyable.  The variety and capacity of the gallery to offer something for everyone.

33rd Annual Members Exhibition now at Rochester Contemporary
137 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

When I walked into RoCo I found many pieces on the walls ( over 400 ) and there was a pussycat padding around on the floor.  RoCo Director, Bleu Cease told me the story of how the cat came to the art gallery, and I thought - "How Unique".  

Our art community can provide something for all ages including children, so just look for Dina Toto's fabric work below, or Craig Wilson's sculptural bird ( below that )...

Dina Noto ( fabric construction )

Craig Wilson's "Morning Glory"
Welded steel

Some artworks in this annual exhibition point to our future, as in the framed photo called: "Save Seeds;Save The World" which has a power as an image and a concept  with a bigger horizon.  Talking about a big horizon I also found the painting "Three White Birds" to be quite engaging ( first I saw Two white birds...).

Save Seeds; Save The World

"Three White Birds" by Hayley Davis

I would love to walk around the gallery and find out what attracts you!  There is a wonderful variety of styles to look at and forms and colors to contemplate.  I was attracted to artworks by people who I know, and many new names that I found in the exhibition.
Congratulations to all of those members who support RoCo and the efforts made to keep the art community involved and active.  We owe a lot to our community for their support and this makes Rochester a hub of activity and engagement! 

Richard Figueras work "Untitled"