Sunday, March 17, 2024

Finally Fine Art


Yayoi Kusama at The Memorial Art Gallery ( above and below )

University Avenue and Goodman Stree, Rochester, New York

Finally, I have some time to see some fine art, just before I head off to Washington, D.C. for the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony on March 21st.  I  have been looking forward to seeing the Infinity Mirrored room by Yayoi Kusama now here at The MAG.  This mirrored room has been on view in many places for years and it is not the first time that I have seen it, but still, it is a great thing to behold!
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Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama

I have been a fan of her work for so many years!  I remember going to an opening of a show she did back in the mid- 1960s, and I was the only person aside from the artist who was there - so dots weren't such a draw back then!  I am glad to say that she is now one of the most famous artists on the planet.  
The mirror balls that suspend from the ceiling make an analogy to our universe - going off in all directions.

I am glad that The Memorial Art Gallery is making a real effort to showcase art by women who finally get some recognition. While I mention this, I should also say that we get to welcome Sarah Jesse who takes on the position of Director at The MAG, and I wish her well on her new position.  As we gradually pull out of the pandemic mind set, I am sure that institutions have to devise new strategy to bring in an audience.

Helen Frankenthaler at MAG

So you can go and see the well known artists like Helen Frankenthaler ( see above ) and then you can take a look at artists  who are just being recognized here maybe for the first time.  One artist I was not familiar with has a big work in glass that is quite complex.  Take some time to study Judith Schaechter's stain glass work now on view at The MAG.

Glass art by Judith Schaechter

Also great to see that my friend,  artist G. Peter Jemison has a new work  in the collection at The MAG.
He is a foundational figure in the arts and in the development of Ganondagan State Historic Site and Museum in Victor, NY.  His painting could be a logo for diversity in the arts.

Art by G. Peter Jemison

Thinking about diversity, I found a collection of images recently at The Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery that represents at the very least a diversity of performers and other artists caught by the illustrator David Cowles.  His show is called ROC Stars, and these are the portraits of people who have a unique connection to Rochester.  Many of them are well known performers like this image  I saw there of Cab Calloway.

David Cowles ROC Stars

Cab Calloway by David Cowles

And a funny thing is that this reminded me that my father, Arthur Singer made a similar portrait of Cab back in the early 1940s that really has a striking resemblance to what David Cowles did.  Take a look at my father's illustration used on this tee shirt:

Arthur B. Singer and a portrait of his friend, Cab Calloway circa 1940

While you have a chance, the paintings and sculptures at RoCo, are also very engaging, and one can wonder how Ronald Gonzalez makes all these small sculptures that look like they have been subject to extreme weather!  Cars and trucks in beds?  They are all the size of toys, but are not meant to be played with!

Sculpture by Ronald Gonzalez

My friend Cynthia Hawkins and her abstractions can engage the viewer and really have color and form on the move.  I certainly feel that this has been a great day to check out the arts in Rochester.  Very Rewarding!

Paintings by Cynthia Hawkins at RoCo
137 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604