Friday, February 19, 2016

Delving In

This is the notice for an upcoming series of short presentations that will be given by four faculty from R.I.T.

I am pleased to be included in this late afternoon get together, and I am looking forward to hearing what my colleagues have to say. If you are in town and available, come on over to the University Gallery, where refreshments will be served, and listen to what the faculty scholars have to say about their research.

I will have a little Power Point illustrated talk about Art and Mathematical Visualization.  Like many other artists I had trouble with defining my relationship to mathematics, especially with what I should have been learning in school, had I paid attention.

Now years later, I can speak about it, and write about it, and just plain use my knowledge and interest in the subject - and it helps me create the artwork I have been doing for the past ten years or more.

I hope to see you there on Tuesday!

Art & Mathematical Visualization
Alan Singer
February,  2016
Rochester Institute of Technology