Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pop Up Show

The Art of Folding Air:  Airigami
Sibley Building, 250 East Main Street
Rochester, New York
through February 7, 2016

In Rochester there are many working artists, but Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle and a host of helpers and riggers has once again put together a timely happening for all ages at The Sibley Building called "Journey on the Genesee".  Is that an owl in a tree waiting to greet us on Main Street?  All made of balloons?  Inside there is a waterfall - all made from balloons- and  you think - how does one go about constructing a waterfall made of balloons?  How much does forty or fifty thousand balloons weigh?  Where are you going to get the balloons and who is going to blow them all up?

Deer in the atrium of the Sibley Building
by Airigami

Everyone gathers around to have their picture taken in front of the waterfall installation which has taken many days to put together and will only be dispatched after the "Popping Party" later this week.  Creator, Larry Moss worries about UV light coming down from the skylight atop the atrium of the Sibley Building as this balloon construction is sensitive to ultraviolet light - al the balloons in this installation are biodegradable.

Wonderful Weeping Willow
by Airigami

It is well worth considering the value that the falls has for this town by the Genesee River, and also for the creatures highlighted with their own balloon renditions: bear and cubs, deer, turtle, Bald Eagle, and Canadian Geese overhead, etc.  In this year an ecological theme is appropriate in this time of climate change and political bombast.  What a relief to go and see this - it is much more engaging than most displays.  Have fun, go and see this spectacle before it POPS!!!!