Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Group Show Time

Rochester Contemporary Art Center
6 x 6 

By the way, if you have been hiding out -  it is now Jazz Festival time and that means you have to go over and see the new 6 x 6 exhibition at Rochester Contemporary Art Center.  Last year I put my money down and bought the raffle ticket for the George Condo work on paper, and by cracky - I actually won the thing with my winning ticket!  I was stunned...  So you could go and see this year's show, and purchase a raffle ticket for maybe the Albert Paley drawing or the other works that stand by the entrance.

Look at this selection and then 
buy a raffle ticket

At RoCo they have over 5900 small works pinned up on their walls so you can start a collection, or continue one that you have been building ever since they started this special series of exhibitions.  If you value what they ( at RoCo ) do for our community - and I think they make it a must see for their shows - then you should go over and support their efforts to give our city something to be proud of.

Love Art

Go to the 6 x 6 show and look for the Robert Marx drawings ( all sold ) and the Sheldon Berlyn paintings ( also sold out ) and maybe the perky little image that says I Love Art.  Where else can you go and get genuine works of art by the famous and not-so-famous for twenty bucks a pop?  You will be surprised at what you will find there!

6 x 6 until July 17, 2016 at Rochester Contemporary
137 East Avenue

In another part of town, at R.I.T., I walked into the show "Explorations: A Visual Conversation" at the Dyer Art Center.  I found a robust group show from the participating Arena Art Group.  The Dyer gallery is a beautiful space, elegant like a museum, with natural light and polished floors.

The first thing that caught my attention was "Discourse" - an installation by Jappie King Black that features mummy-like sculpture surrounded by a constellation of root like creatures that looks as if they sprang from the mind of Edward Gorey.  

"Discourse" by Jappie King Black

Since the show is called a visual conversation, and Jappie King Black's installation is called "Discourse", I begin  to wonder what all of the talk is about?  Is it about what effect all this art has on the visitor ( yes ) and is it about invention and ingenuity ( yes ) and is it about the power that a large talented group of artists can muster ( of course! ).  On the little walkway there is a configuration of diamond shared paintings by Stu Chait in his characteristic watercolor way and he shares some things in common with Nate Hodge and his large abstraction.  A trio of heads by Richard Harvey and a ceramic figure by Sharon Jeter greet all the visitors to this show.

Foreground: R.J. Miller "Industrial Babel "
Background: Stu Chait

On the main wall that faces you as you come into the gallery there is a red orange painting by Peter Macon called "Body Language" that conveys its message across a wide expanse and next to that is a suite of images from Dan Neuberger - all part of his documentary on the island of Santorini.

Peter Macon on the left and Dan Neuberger on the right

This is a very big show,  and I hope that you have time to go around and see all the work here, because it is quite impressive, just keep an eye on the time as the gallery is open only from ten in the morning to 2 pm in the afternoon, now thru August 20, 2016 when they have their closing reception  from 6-9 pm.

"The Sound of Color" by Dan Scally
part of the Arena Art Group
The Dyer Art Center