Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Print Club and "Echoes"

David Row and Kristine Bouyoucos in
"Echoes of the Past"
The Print Club of Rochester
85th Anniversary Exhibition
University Gallery, Vignelli Design Center
Rochester Institute of Technology

The Print Club of Rochester is celebrating their 85th anniversary with an innovative showing of pairs of prints in the new University Gallery that is part of the Vignelli Design Center on the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology in western New York.  The University Gallery is a tall space with natural light and it is featuring 15 select artists who show their work next to the prints that inspired them.  The prints that serve as an inspiration all come from the Print Club Archive.  The Archive serves as a study collection and represents the results of years of activity in support of the fine art of making prints in limited editions for subscribing members. 

Juror, Ellen Heck, in black, is second from the right
with Print Club board members

The Print Club maintains its Archive, and you can go online to see the prints that have been commissioned over the years.  Here is the link to their web site:

Artist,  Paul Resika served as an inspiration for Print Club member Dale Klein

By being a subscribing member of the Print Club, you can receive a wonderful work of art each year as part of the member benefits.  Over the years that the Print Club has been in operation the board has selected well known artists to make a print in a limited edition.  As an example, here you can see a work on the left by Paul Resika of a harbor building in Provincetown, Massachusetts, which was a commission from  1999.  Dale Klein took her inspiration from the Resika image, and she made a print based on her experience with the pier out in Charlotte, on Lake Ontario.

Adam Werth
printmakers are celebrated in "Echoes of the Past"

Each of the selected artists in "Echoes of the Past" share a wide range of styles and here we have an image by Adam Werth who after graduating from R.I.T. went on to teach printmaking, so he brings new energy and technology to the task of interpreting the print he chose as his inspiration.  Using the materials found in the Print Club Archive, the selected artists are able to refocus content, renew motifs, and expand on new processes of their own.

Print by Rockwell Kent on left with new interpretation by Alan Singer on right

The Print Club of Rochester exists to promote the art and study of printmaking, and it is useful to become a member if you have an interest in this art form, especially if you want to build an art collection of your own for a minimal sum.  For several years I was an active member of the board and then the Print Club president.  I had fun working on this image above from a Rockwell Kent of the Adirondacks and a cabin in the hills.

Print by Maria Victoria Savka

Another interesting aspect of the Print Club is that students can join for a lower rate and still get the benefits of being a member, which also includes an invitation to exhibit your artwork in their annual show, and build your resume.  Above is an image from a graduating student for the show, "Echoes of the Past".  So, come out to the University Gallery before August 12, 2016 and review the art for yourself.

Retiring Professor, Tom Lightfoot
reviews the art..

The Print Club of Rochester
The University Gallery
Vignelli Design Center
Rochester Institute of Technology