Monday, November 20, 2017


UES Gallery
December 2-3, 2017
208 East 73rd Street
New York City, New York

A Sci/Art Center Program

Here is a link for the Sci / Art Center and the exhibitions they have curated:

I have been a member of this organization, and I support their efforts at putting together a community of folks interested in creating bridges between science and art.  This past October they ran a long article that I wrote for their magazine on the paintings and drawings of my father, Arthur Singer.  This is to say that I grew up with a healthy respect for art and science and I use this interest in my own artwork on a regular basis.

If you are not familiar with Sci / Art - it is an online magazine looking for members - so visit their website and take a look at the shows they are organizing.  In this new show called "Cloud and Void" the invited artists deal with essentials and conditions in a universal way.  Since I will be exhibiting there in a couple of weeks, I plan to write a review of the show.  At the moment there is a lot to anticipate in New York City, especially with the Michelangelo drawings on view at The MET Museum.

"Confluence" a show of sculpture by Roberto Bertoia
At the University Gallery 
The Vignelli Design Center at R.I.T.,

It so happens that this month there are exhibitions on view in Rochester that address some knowledge about basic building blocks.  You can see for yourself, if you visit the University Gallery to see the sculpture of Roberto ( Bob ) Bertoia.  In his art we witness structure, and weight - there is some implied movement with the very basic materials he employs.  In his exhibition works are mostly a beautiful wood as you can see just above.  I wrote earlier about this show being curated by Josh Owen, who is on the faculty at R.I.T.  Roberto Bertoia is also a teacher, and on the faculty at Cornell University, and these works are going to be part of a book being put together about his art which you can order at the gallery.

Two of the pieces by Roberto ( Bob ) Bertoia 
on view at The University Gallery
Rochester Institute of Technology

A structure by Roberto Bertoia

Down the road at St. John Fisher College there is another art exhibition that just opened in the Skalny Welcome Center and this show is titled: "Elements" bringing together three artists - Jappie King Black, Bill Stephens and Bill Judkins.  This show is elegant, and some of the works are quite attractive.  It was just a few weeks ago I remember talking with Bill Stephens at Main Street Arts in Clifton Springs, and he gave me an invitation card to see the show called "Elements".  At the Patricia O'Keefe Ross Gallery in the Skalny Welcome Center you can find this show and there is a nice selection of paintings, drawings, and sculpture by the three artists I mentioned earlier.

Pen on paper, by Bill Stephens
"Female Spirit Guide"

Pen on paper, by Bill Stephens

I found Bill Stephen's drawings have a kind of meditative quality and a patience one rarely sees anymore.  They are a bit illustrative with a tinge of surrealism that can bring to mind artists from eighty years ago like Rene Magritte, and  Max Ernst. 

Jappie King Black adds some mystery to this show, and her elemental works are sculptural and include her installation DISQUIET.  Sometime she shows colorful woven bowls, other objects made of metal have a kind of ancient bare-bones effect to them that is detailed and very tactile.

Jappie King Black ( above and below )

"Elements" at the Patricia O'Keefe Ross Gallery
St. John Fisher College

The six abstract paintings in the present show are the work of Bill Judkins.  These squarish canvases have textures and colors that would work well with an interior designer.  They approach the idea of  "Elements" by keeping everything low key, and simple in terms of color and drama, maybe even primal or primordial.

Bill Judkins in "Elements"
Thru January 5th, 2018
St. John Fisher College