Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pop Up Show

Early December, Beautiful Day, Manhattan
going to
UES Gallery, Sci / Art Center

UES is the Upper East Side, so the show put on by the Sci / Art Center was on 73rd Street - a quiet block just off of Third Avenue.  But why were there policemen on every corner?  Later, we found out that President Trump was in town, and the traffic snarled.

UES Gallery / SCi/Art Center 
"Void and Cloud"
Group Exhibition

It has been a few years since I had a work in a gallery show in Manhattan, but I welcome the chance to be part of this group exhibition hosted by the UES Gallery and the Sci / Art Center.  Get to know the Sci / Art Center and become a member.  This is a fine organization worthy of your support in part because they are creating a community and doing something new in the visual arts - this is art with and for a purpose.  Here is the link to their site:  https://www.sciartcenter.org/

Curators introduction and Artist's Talk
at UES Gallery

The Sci / Art Center represents an opportunity for those who are interested in the place where science, art and technology converge.  Even if you are not a practitioner, the Sci / Art Center will give you a window on some very creative activity that connects with a view towards a world that is complex, diverse and very interesting.  There are connections to things that you might know about and ways of visualizing things that can't be seen any other way, and some of these artistic expressions were on view in the "Void and Cloud"  pop up show.

Julia Buntaine and Marnie Benney were on hand to welcome visitors to the Curator and Artist talks in early December.  My wife, Anna and I arrived and settled in to a meet and greet, to hear what folks had to say about the artwork that was mostly on the walls.  This Pop Up Show is called: " Cloud and Void " and the artists involved all had a different take on this topic.

Daniel Hill talks about his work with interference patterns

Daniel Hill spoke about his meticulous work with acrylic polymer paints on a shaped support.  He described the layers of colors and the linear interference progression of lines and textures in his art from 2015.  The painting comes to represent a blend of sound waves , music, and tactile textures that can remind you in part of ripples on water.

Jonathan Feldshuh

Visitors to the show had a chance to hear about the physics of painting from Jonathan Feldshuh who brought up the way he translates and diagrams how particles behave in high energy collisions within his artwork.  In a way his art is a kind of microscope into a world that is happening all around us but is too tiny to be seen by my naked eye ( except in his paintings ).

Jonathan Feldshuh

Sarah Eagen spoke about the relationship of technology to personal relationships, and I enjoyed watching her talk and looking at her hands, and then looking at the photo on silk of the hands in her artwork.  Talk about delicate values, this work was almost supernatural.

Sarah Eagen

When it was my chance to speak, I tried to emphasize the opportunities to take a mathematical expression and give it visual weight - similar to the difference that a spoken language has with the written word.  It is more concrete, more evident, and in my case more colorful and very deliberate.
Along with the other artists, I think we treat our practice of making art as an experiment.  You get to know the conditions you set up, then you can create an interaction of those conditions in a material way and see the result.  The artist is not only driven by a process, but also adds in an emotional content and a bit of intellectual involvement in the mix, and you see what you can get.  Sometimes the results can be very surprising and can move you to a new place.

Alan Singer explains.. "Spinner"

The e-vite for Void and Cloud
at UES Gallery
208 East 73rd Street
Dec2-3, 2017