Monday, February 25, 2019

Local Color

A Maze, wall mural at R.I.T. Booth Building 7A

This is what it is like starting out in a field as diverse as the visual arts, what are all the turns to expect as you make your way ahead?  Before I get to sleep at night I think about how lucky we are to be here now, to experience all of the varied influences and make a contribution to our community!  I can reflect on the last few weeks and thank all the people who came out to the Axom Gallery to see my artwork.

Axom Gallery door Poster is a Welcome 
to all who ventured out in the cold!

I am grateful to Rick Muto, Robin Muto and Margot Muto for getting me involved in showing my artwork here in Rochester, New York.  The paintings and prints I have been making over the past four or five years looked so good in their gallery environment - I was really pleased to see it presented in this way.  The Axom Gallery is a room on the second floor of the Muto's loft space - and it has a living room atmosphere with sofas and chairs, glassware and floor coverings - all part of the interior design business that they run out of the same address.

Also I want to thank Rebecca Rafferty of CITY Newspaper tor taking the time to come and see my exhibition and then spend her time writing a very informative review which you can read here:

Alan Singer's "Transformation" a 
transfer monotype, 2018

Now, after my show has closed I can move onto the next chapter, which includes more exhibitions and some travel time.  The monotype above will be part of the yearly theme show at the Oxford Gallery in the spring.  Another exhibition I am involved with is one I am curating: Process & Purpose, 2019.  This is a printmaker's invitational which will have two venues:  Corners Gallery in Ithaca and the new RIT City Art Space later in the spring and summer.

We plan to travel to California for my mid-semester break, so don't be surprised if I write my next blog from the west coast!  In the meantime I am looking forward to  a new show called "Just Folks" which will feature artists associated with Erich Lehman and Wall/Therapy.  That show will also be presented opening March 1st at the RIT City Art Space.

Here in Rochester we also stopped in to see a show of small scale pastel drawings that were presented  in the cafe of the Little Theatre.

Group Show of pastel drawings at Little Theatre

"Georgia On My Mind"
The first place winner

The lighting for this group show left something to be desired, but the show was very welcome especially because we had just stepped out from seeing the movie Capernaum which was quite a stirring affair.

Now I am back in my studio looking out over the train tracks and thinking about what comes next.  Stay tuned, and I will have more to report this coming season, thank you.

View from The Hungerford Building