Saturday, December 31, 2022

Finding a Time Frame


Kevin Indovino measures at MuCCC
142 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester, NY
My most recent showing of paintings!

Looking over an unusual year I was grateful for the opportunity to exhibit new artwork at MuCCC here in Rochester and thankful for the assistance of Kevin Indovino who helped me mount the show.  

As our year of 2022 is now behind us we have to observe the artists who have passed on and here I am thinking of Sam Gilliam who was 88 years old and had a very creative life and I am grateful for having had the chance to meet him.  In 2006 he was having a retrospective at The Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington D.C. and this gallery space in 2022 is now closed due to financial considerations.

Sam Gilliam, painter, passed this year, he was 88 and had a successful career

Sam. came to my classroom in 2006 to give critiques and later that day gave a talk at The Memorial Art Gallery.  Sam's artwork was out of the ordinary, often they were paintings that draped over a space, not the typical stretched canvas in a frame. 

An art historian who championed Sam's work was Jonathan Binstock who has been the director of The Memorial Art Gallery and is soon to move on to be the Director of The Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. in our new year of 2023.  The Phillips Collection is one of my favorite places to visit in D.C. and what a collection they have!

During my tenure at Rochester Institute of Technology I was lucky to have the support of the faculty there and I was able to bring great artists like Sam Gilliam and also Elizabeth Murray who you can see in this photo by Sue Weisler.  I enjoyed talking with Elizabeth and I would have to say that her paintings and prints really had an influence on me and I hope for my students as well!

Elizabeth Murray and Alan Singer in conversation at R.I.T. in 2002

I have been a big fan of. the artists I brought to speak at R.I.T. and over my 32 years teaching there we have had over 80 different guests who came to my classroom to speak about their career and to encourage my students as they find their way in this world.  Hopefully we have made a difference!  Below is a picture of one moment with Elizabeth during her talk with my student Lila Krebiel.

We had a chance to talk with Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray gives a critique in 2002 at R.I.T.

BRAVO! To all of those who have supported the arts in this city and beyond.  I hope your 2023 is an active and productive one, and I look forward to seeing what you have  created!  Thanks, and Happy New Year!