Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Around We Go


Axom Home in the South Wedge
661 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

Planning to see some art by my friend Tarrant Clements at Axom in the South Wedge and I couldn't have picked a better day!  Skies were clear and temperature was moderate, and when we stepped into the gallery I found myself captivated by an artist's effort to express a colorful and generous concept of abstraction that maintains a sense of humor ( which is quite unusual in this era of Pandemic and Political Polarization ).

Tarrant Clements sculpture "JJ 47"
at Axom 

Some new features in Tarrant's artwork include her use of collage onto the surface of her paintings and this adds a texture that is as clear as it is complex.  The sense of humor that I mention comes from the fact that many of these pieces ( painting and sculpture ) have implied movement in forms that want to shake and rattle.  One often doesn't see forms in sculpture that have a nervous tick unless they are animated with a motor drive, but Tarrant's works often have a swerve or a curve that casts a shadow which then becomes part of the composition.

Tarrant Clement's sculptures of a modest Axom

Many of the sculptural pieces presented here are modest in size and could be models for a much larger manifestation.  A poster here in my office in Fairport reminds me of the giant sculptural works presented by artists like Richard Serra, but I also know that large scale art often presents large scale problems like the expense of materials and cost of moving these things around!  Of course, what I love about sculpture is that it exists in the same three dimensional space that we all do, and it seems to have  a life force because of that condition.

Tarrant identifies this painting as "MM 34"

Tarrant's paintings on the other hand are a bit more intellectual - in the sense that you have to really look at it and read into it this artist's intentions. Tarrant does not go in for literary titles for her works - rather she institutes a system of initials and numbers to identify each work. Sometimes other artists will show their intent by giving their works a title that tells you something descriptive.  When I look at a painting and find something active and attractive I wonder how the painting was made... Did it start out as a sketch, or did it start out from a color preference, or even a mistake of sorts?  Something here reminds me of the prints on paper that Tarrant would make, and I also wonder how she got started using collage elements that look like fabric clippings..  The environment at Axom also suggests that her works look great with furniture around like you would have at home, and that is very stimulating!

Tarrant Clements "Chasing My Muse" at Axom Gallery
through July 1, 2023

Later in the week I went over to The Rundel Library to look over  the Anthony Mascioli Gallery show dedicated to 150 years at Lollypop Farm which is just down to road from us who live in the Egypt Hills in Fairport.  This gallery space is is a real gem and it allows one to present a timeline along with artifacts that comment on the history of an institution that is kind to animals.  Walk around the show and find evidence of services that are provided to our community and certainly for the animals that they protect.

A show at The Rundel Library shares the long history of Lollypop Farm

I am also interested in conservation and in issues that come up when dealing with birds and animals.
Many people know Lollypop Farm as a place to find a pet or to just take a walk around the spacious grounds.  Since a lot of my early works have to do with illustrating wildlife when I worked for publishers in New York City, I am made aware of many of the environmental issues that are revealed by this show.

Rundel Library in downtown Rochester, New York

In the coming winter I am planning to curate a show for the Anthony Mascioli Gallery space that will include the artworks and published books of my family members, my father and mother, Arthur Singer and Judy Singer, and myself and my brother.  We have all produced a variety of books during our lives and careers so I think it will be an interesting show and it will give me a meaningful project to work on between now in the early summer and next winter.  Wish me luck!