Sunday, November 26, 2023

Post Thanksgiving News


Watch Out

My Hungerford Clear Out

We have much to be thankful for...

This year has been disruptive, not only international events ( and wars ), but local ones as well. It wasn't that long ago that I remember sitting in at a meeting at Rochester Contemporary and listening to the talk about artists and others who were leaving the Hungerford Building because of a steep rise in the rent bill each month.  I didn't want to think about what it would be like if I decided to move too... But I no longer had a lease on my space. ( see the photo above ).  The new owners of the building didn't offer me a lease and so I had no legal rights to be in the space, just paying a much larger bill!

I Know that rental property is a business and I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years!  But imagine you are a business owner - would you treat a customer this way?  And there was no explanation offered as to why there was no lease.... So eventually I decided it was time to go..  Now, five months later I have a studio space that is close to home!  ( see below )

To move out I put everything in boxes..

Luckily we have a little building on our property that absorbed most of what I had stored in my studio at The Hungerford, so we are lucky!  But what about those folks who were forced to move and don't have this kind of extra space?

It will take a lot of effort to sort out what is in all those boxes!  But we have a lot to be thankful for... like the fact that I now have a new project and it is called organization!

Also I want to say that the show must go on, and in that context - I can invite you to see my painting in the Annual Members show at RoCo which will start  this December, coming soon!  I have a painting I call "Dynamic Equilibrium" which is found in the kind of geometric abstraction that I have been working with these past few years..  ( see below )

"Dynamic Equilibrium"
acrylic Gouache on board

So I am thankful for being part of this large exhibit at RoCo which has over 400 participating artists.  We do have a vibrant community, even with the events that happened at The Hungerford Building... If you had wondered why I have not been posting to this Blog, I also have another project which I want to talk about and that is a very large new exhibition that will be presented in the new year at The Rundel Library, which will have artwork and so much more from my family.  When I say my family, I mean my father and mother who were both artists, and my brother and I.  The title I gave this show is called: "Our Nature"

My mom, Judy Singer and dad, Arthur Singer

Yes, there is a lot to be thankful for even with major disruptions!  Like I can thank my parents for bringing us up with great care, and instilling in us the respect we have for others in our environment.  As you will see if you come out to view our exhibition, when it opens - we have been a productive family of artists.
And I will write more about this show as we get closer to the Opening which will take place on January 16th, 2024.

Finally, I want to Thank you, if you are reading this, and I hope to be back writing more posts about the visual arts in western New York!  We have so much going on here, and it is my pleasure to serve as part of this larger community!