Sunday, March 18, 2018


"Cavern"  oil on canvas by Melissa Huang
Makers Gallery, 34 Elton Street, Third Floor
Rochester, New York

Up on a sunny 3rd floor of an old industrial building at 34 Elton Street you will find the Makers Gallery and for a few weeks you will have a chance to look over the artwork of an imaginative artist and former R.I.T. student - Melissa Huang.  You may have already seen her paintings in a nice layout in the first edition of Art House Press, or you may have viewed her work carried by Shop One on the campus of R.I.T.  Either way, this is an instance where you can see a cross section of her latest endeavors ( but by no means her only interests ) in the art world.

Melissa Huang on opening night
Makers Gallery

In this new exhibition we have some of her portraits that combine realism with an unusual take on the inner life of her subjects.  Many of her figures have a jewel encrusted inner sanctum.  In one portrait she calls "Cavern" there is a natural person and it turns out that they are characterized by an amethyst geode.  Melissa Huang is a rock collector and she is making the argument in her paintings that her family and friends really show another aspect in their lives that only the painter can reveal for us to see.  As she writes: "Cavern explores the relationship between how we view ourselves and others; what is shown on the outside is often at odds with inner emotions and experiences."

"Good King Neptune", a 6" x 6" print 
Alan Singer

There are other jewels coming soon to Rochester Contemporary Art Center, and you will find them in the show they call: 6x6.  I have submitted work for the show like the print I made ( above ) that I call "Good King Neptune" which I made in a small edition.  I have also purchased many pieces for my collection ( a bargain at $20 per piece ).  Here is one print that I loved from a recent show made by Tarrant Clements.  It is fun going around to try to match up what I know of an artists work, and see if I can find the pieces they have donated for this once a year opportunity.

Tarrant Clements found at the 6x6 show
Rochester Contemporary Art Center

I support what the artists are doing when they donate art for this show and in the long run I am supporting what RoCo is doing by helping sustain a community and playing an active role.

As a working artist, the efforts that Rochester Contemporary Art Center make to bring visual art to our community can not be overestimated.  The vital art that is on display at any given time is an important aspect of why I am living here in this area, why I am working in this neighborhood, and also something to be very thankful for.

So, you may want to get together with some friends to create artworks - no larger than 6" x 6" - and submit them to the show by the deadline of April 15th.  It is much more fun than just doing your taxes!

6 x 6  at Rochester Contemporary Art Center

For more information go to the source: 137 East Avenue in Rochester or go online and see what the details are for this coming year.  Here is a link: