Sunday, May 5, 2019


Ithaca is Gorges in May, 2019

Here is my first recommendation for this emerging Spring season.  We just stepped out of Cineamopolis in Ithaca, New York where we took our seats and watched the movie documentary "Amazing Grace".  This is about a two hour concert of gospel songs given by the late Aretha Franklin and needless to say she MOVES you!  This lady of song is in her prime and there never was a voice quite like it before.  You just have to go - see it and feel it!

Aretha Franklin ( 1942-2018 )

It is also amazing what can take place on a First Friday in May in Ithaca.  We just delivered a show of 30 prints by eight printmakers ( including myself ) which is set to open at the Corners Gallery in Ithaca early this month.  The gallery owner, Ariel Ecklund was there on time to greet us and we unwrapped the show and spread the framed artwork around for the best effect.  It has been a pleasure to get this show up and running, and just choosing the artwork was engaging and I have to say that each artist has a story to tell in every print that they have lent to our show which I call: "Process & Purpose, 2019".

Eileen Bushnell at Corners Gallery

Nick Ruth at Corners Gallery
Opening May 17 from 5:30 to 7 pm 

If you are in the Ithaca area, the Corners Gallery is located up in Cayuga Heights, come on over for the opening on May 17th to meet the artists.  Here are some examples of what you will see there, but let me say that in this modern age of printmaking the artists use many tools to achieve the right impression!

Alan Singer's "Tropicalia" at Corners Gallery

Minna Resnick at Corners Gallery

Printmakers often work on editions - trying to create identical works through using the etching press, or silk screen or maybe on one-of-a-kind images like mono prints and monotypes.  You will find these and other techniques employed by the artists at Corners Gallery, so come on over to 903 Hanshaw Road and see for yourself.

Ithaca,New York already has a gallery and studio devoted to printmakers and that is The Ink Shop at 330 East State Street, 2nd Floor.  We took a long look at the mezzotints of Cleo Wilkinson on view at the Ink Shop now thru May 24th.  The use of mezzotint for a printmaker requires "rocking the plate" which gives a metal plate a uniform tonality - a texture that can then be smoothed out to define a set of values from light to dark.  Mezzotint as a technique in the hands of Ms. Wilkinson - can give one  feeling that is similar to looking at a black and white photo print.  Below is sample of her work:

Cleo Wilkinson at The Ink Shop , Ithaca, New York
Thru May 24, 2019

A new space has been opened by Jack Goldman at The Bookery in the DeWitt Mall for works of art alongside all of the books for sale, and the featured artist now through June is Fernando Llosa.  He brings beautifully framed works and handmade books which are mostly large format with hand-tipped-in plates of exquisite detail.  The framed art has subdued color, -- and texture is where the action is.  Swirls of ink are expressively used that sometimes reveal or conceal imagery that may have a figurative origin.

Fernando Llosa 
now on view at The Bookery
DeWitt Mall, Ithaca, NY

There is a strong poetic resonance between the images that Fernando Llosa creates, and his essay that introduces the show he calls: Small Signs of the Integrity of Life"

Reading and writing is part of the next exhibition we strolled over to see in the recently renovated space that will now house the Community Arts Partnership ( CAP Artspace).  The new exhibition "Art and the Written Word" features 21 artists that integrate some form of narrative text with imagery.  Some of the pieces had the impact of Pop Art, while others were much more subtle.  I know Barbara Page has had an ongoing project taking old library cards and giving them a fresh look by adding colorful illustration.  

"Art and the Written Word" images by Steve Carver

Barbara Page and her library card project
"Art an the Written Word"

Time to drive back home and get ready for the new week.  On the way, a last stop over in Clifton Springs and a visit to Main Street Arts.  At the gallery, Brad Butler, the Director for the gallery, explains that there is a new show show upstairs that is just WILD...!  The show at Main Street just opened and features over two hundred young artists working on 5"x7" supports for their artwork.

Brad Butler is in touch with public school art teachers and supporting this creative endeavor.  Just take a look at what students are doing - this is K-thru 12.  I think we will be seeing these young artists blossom right before our eyes!

"WILD" at Main Street Arts

Go "Wild" at Main Street Arts in Clifton Springs