Saturday, May 11, 2019

Show Me

"Tacit Knowledge"  monotype by Alan Singer
presented as part of a new exhibition
"Process & Purpose, 2019"
Corners Gallery, Ithaca, New York
now thru June 22, 2019

The knowledge needed for printmaking includes learning skills that require techniques for making editions or at least a way to reproduce an image usually on paper, but it is much more interesting than just pushing a button on your home printer!

The first part of this post is devoted to our new show of printmaking at Corners Gallery in Ithaca, new York, up in Cayuga Heights at 903 Henshaw Road.  The second part of this post will be about Richard Harvey and his new exhibition at MuCcc in Rochester, NY for the month of May.

Print by Kumi Korf

A revival or expansion of printmaking is underway, and this centuries old art form is being given new life through the expression of many working artists, eight of whom are chosen for this show called: "Process & Purpose, 2019".  The thirty prints included in our show all have a story to tell.  My idea was to introduce current work from printmakers whose images I hold in high regard - and this stems from a life-long interest in printmaking as one way of making art accessible to a wider public.

When I was in graduate school at Cornell University, I was in the same class as Kumi Korf - an artist and architect whose work you see above.  Kumi creates abstraction with colorful form and prints in several layers.  There is depth that printmaking can have that is different than painting directly on paper.  Kumi works in a series just as I do for my monotypes.

Printmaking by Shane Durgee

I have been making prints since I was ten years old, and they were all made by hand - wood cuts and linoleum cuts that were inked and printed on rice paper.  My parents who were both artists showed me how to do it.  Today, many years later I teach printmaking, and now I use a computer to help me conceptualize.  This is also true for many young artists including my student, Shane Durgee whose art is shown above.

For years I have been interested in the art created by Nick Ruth and I have included a selection of his recent work of our show.  His prints have a very definite message to send - they are all about communications.  In this regard, all of the eight printmakers in our show address concepts and imagery that tell a story of our times.

Print by Nick Ruth at Corners Gallery, Ithaca, NY

If you would like to get a better idea of the kinds of techniques used in printmaking today, come and meet the artists who will be present at a reception at Corners Gallery on Friday May 17, 2019 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.  In this new show I asked all of the artists to contribute a statement about their working process so you will be able to read what they have to say, and then look over their work.
Such diversity!  You will enjoy our show!

"Avoid Meaningless Words"  a print by Minna Resnick
now at Corners Gallery, Ithaca, NY